September 4, 2015
VII International
Economic Forum


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Харьковская облгосадминистрация

Kharkiv Regional
State Administration


Kharkiv Regional Center
for Investment and Development


Ministry of Regional Development,
Construction and Housing and
Communal Services of Ukraine

Харьковский областной совет

Kharkiv Regional

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VІІ International Forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives!” amassed more than 500 participants

VІІ International Forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv Initiatives!” was held 4 September 2015 amassing a record number of participants –
more than 500!

The Forum program comprehended the most topical directions of economic development and included 2 plenary sessions & 7 panel discussions, where 77 speakers had their presentations. Apt marketing strategy and fruitful work with sponsors provided for conducting the Forum with no attracting public funds.

The Forum was attended by diplomatic corps representatives from 17 world countries working in Ukraine together with top-management of trans-national corporations and investment funds; plus Ukrainian People’s Deputies; plus Ukrainian Central government officials, who determine the national economic development strategy; plus local government managers, who perform practical steps in implementing that strategy; plus managers of technical assistance to Ukraine; plus business and NGO’s representatives; pus media people. The Forum was so abundant that a great Congress hall of 5-stars hotel “Kharkiv Palace” could not easily accommodate all those wishing to participate!

The Forum status was highlighted by one of the 1st plenary session speakers, USA Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine Jeoffrey R. Pyatt, who pointed out the expediency of conducting such an international event at Kharkivschina (Kharkiv Region) because the oblast, according to Ambassador Pyatt, was well known for its industrial might, scientific universities, well educated workforce and highly developed IT-sphere. He said: “USA has a solid history of partnership relations with Kharkiv Region. The most ambitious project being implemented by Kharkiv scientists as of today is providing financial support for developing deployment of a neutron source. US government has already invested more than USD 70 mln. into that project and this is not a limit – we have grandiose plans for future”. Also His Excellency informed that the coming fall US delegation composed of officials from the government and big businesses would visit Ukraine. In conclusion the Ambassador said: “We think Kharkiv Region has great potential and the region confidently moves forward!”

Kees Jan René Klompenhouwer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ukraine, pointed out that he saw many challenges faced by Ukraine in general and Kharkiv Region in particular: “Kharkiv should implement a total upgrade of its economy; and now you have the opportunity to make use of the Association Agreement with EU”. He also stressed that Ukraine has a great development potential especially in the sphere of agriculture: “Many Dutch companies have already been present in the region and we want to move forward”, - stressed the Ambassador.

In the course of the Forum a Supplementary Agreement to the Memorandum on Cooperation between Kharkiv Region State Administration and American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine was signed. According to Andy Hunder, President of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, the Supplementary Agreement to the Memorandum would provide for increasing cooperation scope between Kharkivschina and foreign countries business partners.

Within the framework of the Forum the Memorandum on Cooperation between Kharkiv Region State Administration and Canadian-Ukrainian Trade Chamber was signed. One more contract amounting to Euro 33 mln., between PJSC “Turboatom” and Austrian company “Inkla Tradingand Engineering”, was signed to supply energy equipment for upgrading the acting NPP power units in Bulgaria and Finland.

During the Forum the contract between PJSC “Turboatom” and US giant company “Holtec International”, which acts as a General Contractor in building storage centers for spent nuclear fuel at Ukrainian NPPs, was agreed. “Turboatom” will act as a sub-contractor of the project and will place orders at allied companies of Khariv oblast. That project opens up opportunities to expand cooperation with “Holtec International” in other spheres including also creating small capacities NPPs. The contract totally amounting to USD 60 mln., is to be signed by the end of the current year. The intentions to sign the contract with PJSC “Turboatom” in near months were proved by “Holtec International” company Vice-President Riaz Awan during the plenary session “Strategy for Economic Development”. He also informed about the intention to continue doing business with the Kharkiv enterprise and voiced the amount of the planned contracts: USD 200 mln.

During the Forum one more important step was made in developing strategic cooperation between Kharkovites and US company “Babcock&Wilcox”: a specific agreement on scaling the project to build two energy efficient environmentally friendly mini-cogeneration power plants and implement 47 more projects in other Kharkiv Region regions to be financially supported by the US investment fund.

One more agreement as regards investments into socially important projects on the regional territory was reached between Kharkiv Region authorities and US investment corporation “MG Star INC”. Among other things, it will be construction and reconstruction of power complexes as well as upgrading of infrastructural, municipal, industrial and agro-industrial facilities. The investment amount by each of the projects could be in the range of USD 5 to 50 mln.

In general terms we could say that the Forum conducted in Kharkiv for the 7th time had totally achieved the set goals: forming positive image of the Kharkiv Region; demonstrating the available capacities and development prospects of the regional leading industrial clusters; developing international economic integration of Kharkivschina!

Forum Materials